Is Personal Training Right for You?

Is Personal Training Right for You?

What do Personal Trainers do?

Personal trainers at the YMCA work with individuals one-on-one to help them achieve their fitness goals. They walk through workouts with you, make sure you use the correct form, and encourage you. Studies have shown that individuals who hire personal trainers are 30% more likely to achieve their fitness goals. Trainers personalize workouts to each individual’s fitness levels and put together nutrition plans that meet your needs.

Can I just workout on my own?

A lot of people have great success going to the gym on their own and putting together their own nutrition plans. But this isn’t everyone’s strong point. Sometimes we walk into the gym and don’t really know what to do. That’s where Personal Trainers come in! They help you get maximum results without the guess work of a starting point, exercise plateaus, nutrition plans, and energy balance. Personal Trainers are an excellent resource for beginners or if you’re just not seeing the results you want.

Why do I need a nutrition plan with my workouts?

Working out and nutrition go hand in hand. Your trainer will sit down with you and go through what a good nutrition plan looks like for you. If you want better results, combining nutrition plans with your workouts are a great way to do that! The YMCA’s trainers will make sure you have a plan that you feel comfortable with and are confident you can achieve. They will check in and help keep you accountable and adjust what may not be working for you each week.

Don’t do it alone!

Not only will you have your trainer cheering you on, but you can also sign up for couples or small group personal training sessions! Train with your spouse/significant other or get your friends or coworkers together for training sessions!

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