Free 6th Grade Memberships


The YMCA offers free memberships for all area 6th graders!

Now you may ask, why is the YMCA doing this? We want to give middle school-aged students a safe place to go after school to connect with friends and exercise good habits.

“We know there are a lot of kids in our town who can’t afford a membership, so we want to eliminate that barrier.” – Troy Stickels, YMCA CEO

Why 6th graders? We felt 6th graders were the right age for our free memberships. They are at the age where they are just coming out of elementary school and are just starting to get mixed in with the older kids. Studies have shown that they are more vulnerable to stuff going on around them and are being influenced by older kids. This is a critical age in a young kids life when they start making decisions that can affect their future.


  1. Download the 6th grade membership application. (or visit the YMCA)
  2. Return completed form to the YMCA.
  3. An enrollment specialist will help you complete your registration at the YMCA. (Student must be present)
  4. Students can sign up for their free membership in August of their 6th grade year, all the way through the school year.

Eligible schools include:

  • HPS
  • Adams Central
  • Kenesaw
  • St. Cecilia/St. Michaels
  • Zion Lutheran
  • Christ Lutheran
  • Silver Lake