Athlete Performance Training

Athlete Performance Training at the YMCA

Brothers, Caden and Wyatt Frey, have been participating in personal training at the YMCA with Certified Personal Trainer, professional Speed and Agility Coach, and experienced college and semi-professional football player, Caleb Hahne. Caden and Wyatt have been training with Caleb for two years now with the goal of improving their football skills and bettering their game.

“Working with Caleb has been a good way to get personalized workouts tailored to whatever you are training for.” Shared Caden. They help motivate you so you can go the extra mile and make sure you have proper form so you don’t injure yourself.

My junior year of high school I was offered a scholarship by the University of South Dakota to play football and since then I’ve been working year round to improve my game. Caleb has helped me immensely in speed, strength, and many other things. 

In my experience, personal training is the fastest and best way to really improve your physical abilities. And the YMCA does it really well!” – Caden Frey

Caden trains at the YMCA with Caleb, alongside his brother Wyatt. After two years of training, Wyatt was recently ranked the 9th best overall prospect and the 3rd best quarterback prospect in the state of Nebraska for the 2027 class by Prep Redzone!

“I started on the varsity football team as a freshman playing QB. I broke the school records for passing yards, and passing touchdowns. I now plan on playing college football after I finish my high school career!

Having someone there to push you and keep you going is one of the best things you can hope for in training. A trainer who knows what’s best for you and what you should be doing is great for development.

If you want to push your athlete career to the max or just want to stay in shape, then I would definitely recommend YMCA Personal Training!” – Wyatt Frey

If you are interested in bettering your athletic performance, the Frey brothers both recommend getting in touch with Caleb at the YMCA to start your training journey today!

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