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Winter at the Y!

Don't just chill this Winter...get active at your Hastings YMCA!

The Hastings YMCA is busy.  Parking lots are full.  Machines are occupied. Swim lanes have swimmers.  Cycles have cyclist. Fitness classes are brimming with participants. Child Watch staff have lots of little members to entertain and console. Vigorous youth are in every allowed space expending bottled winter energy. Washing machines never stop washing white towels.

Through the YMCA lens, we see the huge increase in activity as a positive for us and our community.  Full parking lots mean people are coming to receive the many benefits of being active with their YMCA Membership.  The Hastings YMCA has 8,519 members utilizing our facilities, amenities and programs.  Occupied machines equate to individuals reaching healthy goals set for a new start as new habits in the New Year can lead to new lifestyles. With inspired commitment, people in our community can live longer with a better quality of life.  Eight unavailable swim lanes including multiple aquacisers in the shallower waters suggest that people have the need to envelop their bodies in warm water out of the wind chills to move, kick, stretch and reach in order to have the ability to perform daily living activities with ease. When cyclist are pedaling wheel-whirling cycles, they are traveling summer roads in their minds, finding rhythms on uphill gears with brows of sweat as if the rays of the sun found their way through the icy roof. YMCA group exercise fitness class participants motivate one another to collectively get through their next repetition.  Instructors call out to encourage and when we share the same experience we feel connected, especially with stories of sore muscles the next day.

The new Child Watch area is a space created for our members’ children to be safe and cared for so parents may focus on maintaining or improving health. The Hastings YMCA carved out this improved bigger area because we know how important childcare is to parents.  Without good health a parent is unable to care for their family and at the Y we are fully committed to strengthening families.  Youth of all ages are engaged in active play at the Y.  Running, squealing, climbing, passing, jumping…movement that is necessary yet problematic during the confines of winter is released at the spacious Y. The Hastings Family YMCA is even happy that our washing machines never stop as we continue to extend the courtesy of providing our members with a clean towel.

Yes, the Hastings Family YMCA is busy with all the members in our community being active indoors when the weather limits our movement outside. We will be striving to serve everyone with a commitment of welcoming, functioning facilities and encouragement to get us all through our Nebraska winter and beyond. See you at the Y. 

Do you want to be a part of the YMCA? Check out our membership options! 

 Gwen Ruppert, Membership Director